Welcome to DubiouSoft

This is the place where I like to write about various technical things. A while ago I created this site in an attempt to mix mid-level code reviews with blatant, overbearing profanity. However after a few posts like that I decided that the world has enough angry old programmers. So now I’m pressing the reset button and bringing it back to being just a site about programming. I think I’ll probably clean up the old code review posts, because some of them hit on points that I find myself repeating a lot (without the profanity), so maybe it would be good to have them online as reference. I am hoping to also find the time to write about my experience with Physics Engines, because I have spent far too much time writing Physics Engines and I would love to spread some of the tedium with the world at large. I’m not sure what other things I can write about, but it’s nice to have a place to pontificate from time to time. So welcome to DubiouSoft, I hope you find something of interest.

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